Me, Myself and I

My name is Christina Stavridi and I am from Greece. I study at the University of Kent, Social Anthropology.  DSC_0048.jpg

I was very lucky to travel a lot in my life, I appreciated and cherished the value of each culture learning every time something new and something different. This allowed me to keep my horizons very wide. Moving to Canterbury for my studies, gave me the opportunity to meet people very different than me and my cultural background.

One of my favourites quotes by my father is “Those who succeed in life are not just great professionals but people who communicate and interact well with others.” He was explaining that for a
ny person who wants to succeed, the contribution of other people around him is needed. Therefore, how you communicate with people is most important in order to mobilize and motivate everyone around you to contribute in common goals.

In this blog I want to share my experience during my third year at the university, while presenting parts of myself. What’s more I want to underline the fieldwork adventure for the film I will create, which will be discussed in this blog as well.

My ultimate belief: See your life as a trip to Ithaca and enjoy the journey to the fullest!

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