Editing Notes 2

I am in my last week of editing and now nothing is as easy as the first weeks. Trying to create a film that the audience will not only find interesting, but will also engage with the emotions and the theories is definitely not easy and effortless.

After all this work, the hardest part of all was putting the whole film together, how it will flow and what its structure will be. I have already changed my opinion about the structure three times and I’m pretty sure by the end I will change it many more. The best thing and most helpful is getting feedback from other people. That is what I am attempting to do now, show it to as many people as I can, hear their comments and then critically decide which feedback could be applied to the video. 13081609_10154154686593270_118644632_n

Reaching the end of this project, I certainly feel completely different than when I started. I guess this is the feeling of actually learning from experience.